Jamisin, Beats and Anjie

2016-17 Mophie by Ryan Schude

Resident Evil - Leon S. Kennedy Face Model, Jamisin Matthews

Jamisin Matthews Heineken by Ryan McGinley

My Chemical Romance – Life on the Murderscene CDs,DVDs,Video,Album Promos

Jamisin Matthews as Leon S. Kennedy Resident Evil Degeneration, Darkside Chronicles, Raccoon City, Damnation

Client TBA 2016

Client TBA 2016

Orbit Gum

Jamisin for Harley Davidson Dark Custom Branding

Jamisin Matthews Print ad for BMW Germany

2014 Superbowl – Jamisin Matthews with Jamie Van Dyke

Jamisin Print ad for Mini Cooper

Foster Grant 2008-2011 Brand Model

Jamisin Matthews for Xerox Business Solutions 2016

Jamisin Matthews for Oceana Luxury Hotels

Rebel Tactical Gear 2016

Security Pro

Jamisin Matthews – Lookbook

Asics Print

John Cooper Lifestyle Apparel

Jamisin Matthews and Nicki Jean 2015

Jamisin and Brianna Brown for NESTLE’S

Jamisin Matthews + Hanna Beth, Fashion Editorial

Jamisin Matthews Production Still

Jamisin Matthews 2015 Print Ad Tearsheets

Auri Footwear

Meltin Pot Jeans Campaign

Jamisin Korg MicroKorg


Footwear Print

Jamsin Matthews Thrasher Apparel

Homegoods Ads 2015-16

Travel Ad Campaign

Heros of Industry.

On-camera Branded Talent.

On-camera Talent.
Jordan McKirahan Talent Agency